Did Serge Nubret Take Steroids?

Six-time world champion bodybuilder Aka black panther and the prime example of classic physique.

He was one of the bodybuilding legend, Serge has the incredible and aesthetic physique.

Serge Nubret - Age | Height | Weight

Serge Nubret training methods inspire many peoples to build up the physique naturally and it is amazing that he maintained his physique as lean and muscular in late 60’s.

He claimed the Steeve Reeves for his biggest inspiration and want to do a lot in a career.

A long time ago, when the days are of “classic bodybuilding look”.

They preferred the big arms, wide shoulders, athletic legs, and overall athletic physique.

Serge was one of the bodybuilding legends who relates to the classic look.

He was a very active person in the social media, particularly bodybuilding forums.

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He had provided the training and diet to their fans in 3 different languages over 15 different websites.

Serge Nubret Athlete Statistics:

    • Weight of the body: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1kg)
  • eight of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)

Body Measurements:

    • Arms size: 21,5’’ (55cm)
    • hest size: 57’’ (145cm)
    • Waist: 27.5’’ (70cm)
    • Thighs: 27’’
  • Calves: 19’’ (48cm)

Some are pointing the training and nutrition methods for the awesomeness of Serge physique in his 60s and 70s.

Simultaneously, some of his fans are talking about genetic behind well maintained physique.

There are a lot of kids who want to ask this question that he was a natural or roid user on different bodybuilding and training forums.

So, is It’s true that he really done the steroid practice?

Jeremy Buendia is an IFBB 2x Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Champion and the 2013 Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown Runner-up.

Here I’m going to look at the many physical evidence and other pointers that can help you to understand the assumptions.

If we are going to observe Serge as a natural bodybuilder so, definitely he was more likely similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There are many individuals who are obsessed with bodybuilding can definitely select all options to win the competition.

The main part of his training is to focus repetitions and short reps or sets for a short period of time.

The lifting of lighter weight can help you to increase your endurance level, but never developed the strength.

Lifting of heavier weight is essential for strength development and necessary for the natural bodybuilders but unfortunately, his training is lacking with this part.

Serge Nubret workout

The situation was doubtful because some of the previous pictures show that he was completely natural.

This is happening commonly in this field that those who look natural are actually gearing.

The reason behind is that they did the light cycle of steroids by using minimum dose.

Drug Test:

When this turn for drug testing, he never tested positive.

Serge was banned from the IFBB in the year 1976.

He just boycotted the IFBB for the rest of his career and win multiple championships for the WABBA and NABBA bodybuilding federations.

Well Maintained Aesthetic In His 50 And 70:

Usually, It becomes hard to build up the muscle and maintain the overall shape when the aging becomes start.

The reason is a testosterone level begins to decline.

The aging as well as a period of non-competing indicates that something going wrong.

Serge Nubret Workout:

He is very well known for his intense and unique type of training style.

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Serge Nubret workoutThe training method only focuses the reps and a lot of reps.

Serge gives his priority to the high volume and frequent training.The training included 30, 40 and sometimes 50 sets for the body parts.

His training methods does not designed for lifting very heavy weights, number of repetitions of workout combined with a short period of rest time make training is more effective and intense.

The duration of training continues for several hours in the gym.

Serge method is not very easy for everyone.

Sometimes this method can typical for the bodybuilders due to the maximum pumping routines

It’s hard to train yourself for 6 days per week for several hours

The reason for his smallest waist is training the Ab work every day.

To become a good bodybuilder, you need to first must be a good observer

The Diet:

Serge Nubret dietOnly the food can not give you the lean and vascular appearance.

He said that he consumed red meat, beans, and rice.

When It’s time for a competition, so he could eat around 6lbs of red meat per day.

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Serge Nubret Steroids:

According to a third source, serge favorite drug for building muscle was Negma Parabolin, this drug has higher anabolic steroid properties.

The serge Nubret steroid cycle is responsible for delivering the very aesthetic result as he looked the best as compared to other.

Slim and trim waist, small joints and muscle look was incredible.

The Dianabol, Winstrol, and testosterone are the most common drug of old-school bodybuilding.

Serge Nubret Admitted Steroid Use:

First of all, Serge had actually admitted drug use in some of the magazines such as Musclemag.

serge-nubret bodybuilding steroids

Where he stated,

“For the last twenty years I have been training for several hours and put myself to work six days per week. Nobody showed an interest in my training habits, only I got a question related to drugs. I built my whole body through a natural way.

Yes! I have taken some help from the steroids but, after developing arms around 20’’ size.

The drugs only play a role to harden and shape the muscle.

I have done to develop this athletic physique after doing work as a gym rat and follow the strict nutrition and diet.

I think that is ridiculous to turn your conversation on diet and training when you are asking for drugs

No, Its not only about workout and training, the genetics are also matter.

His physique was a result of combination of workout training, diet and genetics as well”

Athletic Physique Is A Result Of Genetics + Diet + Training + And Steroids.


It seems like he probably done gearing If we observe the situations.

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However, we cannot deny his efforts, It is amazing that how he performed 30 sets of each part of the body and eat pounds of meat to achieve his physique.

Serge is an ideal for most of the people because they think that he is completely natural.

Serge believed never going for heavy, but put yourself to work hard as you can rather than focusing on weight.

His lifestyle is harder than follow.